To all HRC Members

AGM 20th October 2017

Please could you all take a look at the noticeboard next time you are at the Club.

In line with Club rules a notice has been put up asking for nominations for the election of officials - President, Captain, Committee (5 vacancies) & Vice Presidents.

Peter Knight is stepping down as President after a successful three year term.  Stuart Rowney completes his first year as Captain and Liam McSherry, Jon Bentley-Leek and Mike Price are due to retire from Committee.  There are two further vacancies on Committee due to being one short from the AGM in 2016 and myself becoming Secretary during this year and having to retire from Committee.

If more than one nomination is made for President & Captain there will be a vote.  There will be a vote for Committee members as there are different lengths of service.  A President can serve for a maximum of three years, a Captain is re-elected each year and on Committee three members will be asked to serve three years and two members to serve two years (those with the greater amount of votes will be asked to serve the longer term).

This notice is to be taken down ten days before the AGM on the 10th October 2017.

Thank you for your participation.

Kind regards

HRC Secretary 

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