HRC Wins

Name Date
Worcester Autumn Regatta 8th September 2018


Ross Masters & Juniors Regatta 26th August 2018


Gloucester Masters & Juniors Regatta 25th August 2018


Stourport Sprint 12/08/18 12th August 2018


Henley Town & Visitors Regatta 4th August 2018

800m Upstream

Bewdley Regatta 28th July 2018


Llandaff Sprint 15th July 2018


Llandaff Regatta 14th July 2018


Ironbridge Sprint 1st July 2018


Monmouth Sprint 27th May 2018


Monmouth 26th May 2018


Worcester 19th May 2018


Evesham Sprint 6th May 2018


Birmingham 28th April 2018


Worcester Winter Head 17th February 2018


Wycliffe Big Head 3rd February 2018


Gloucester Autumn Head 29th October 2017


Penarth Regatta 17th September 2017

On the open sea.

Great Ouse Marathon 3rd September 2017

22 Km upstream

Ross-on-Wye Regatta 28th August 2017

750 metres downstream

Gloucester Regatta 27th August 2017

750 metres on still water

Gloucester Masters and Juniors 26th August 2017

600 metres on still water

Stourport Sprint 13th August 2017

650m downsteream, free start

Stourport Regatta 12th August 2017

1100 metres downstream

Bewdley Regatta 22nd July 2017

800m downstream free start bouyed course

Llandaff Sprint 9th July 2017

500 metres downstream

Llandaff Regatta 8th July 2017

1000 metres downstream

Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 25th June 2017

500 metres downstream

Monmouth Sprint Regatta 28th May 2017

750 metres downstream

Monmouth Regatta 27th May 2017

1500 metres downstream

Worcester Spring Sprint Regatta 20th May 2017

850 metres downstream

Shrewsbury Sprint 7th May 2017

650 metres upstream

Shrewsbury Regatta 6th May 2017

1000 metres upstream

Evesham Sprint 30th April 2017

500 metres upstream

West Mids Junior Champs 11th March 2017

2.5 Km downstream time trial

Wycliffe Big Head 4th February 2017

4500 metres on the Gloucester Berkely Canal

Stourport Winter Head 22nd January 2017

4000metres downstream

Monmouth Winter Head 11th December 2016

2250 metres downstream

Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships 26th October 2016


Worcester Autumn Regatta 10th September 2016

500m downstream

Great Ouse Marathon 4th September 2016

13.4 miles or 21.6 Kms

Gloucester Regatta 27th August 2016

750m on still water

Bewdley Sprint Regatta 24th July 2016

600m downstream

Ironbridge Sprint Regtta 26th June 2016

500m downstream

Bridgnorth Regatta 11th June 2016

500m downstream

Monmouth Sprint Regatta 29th May 2016

750 m downstream

Monmouth Regatta 28th May 2016

1500m downstream

Worcester Regatta 21st May 2016

850 m

Bristol Avon Regatta 14th May 2016

1000m downstream

Shrewsbury Sprint 8th May 2016

600m upstream

Evesham Sprint 1st May 2016

500m upstream

Evesham Regatt 30th April 2016

1000m upstream

Gloucester Head 6th March 2016

3380 metres

Evesham Head 28th November 2015

Distance not known

Stourport Small Boats Head 8th November 2015

4000 metres

Boston Rowing Marathon 4th October 2015

31 miles downstream

Andy and Sarah were 8th overall

Penarth Festival of Rowing 19th September 2015

Held on the sea.

Worcester Autumn Regatta 5th September 2015

500m downstream

Ross on Wye Regatta 31st August 2015

750 m downstream

Gloucester Regatta 30th August 2015

750 m on still water, stake boat start.

Ross Masters & Juniors Regatta 30th August 2015

750 m downstream

Stourport Sprint Regatta 9th August 2015

650m downsteream, free start

Stourport Regatta 8th August 2015

1100m downstream, free start

Bewdley Sprint Regatta 26th July 2015

600m downstream, free start, bouyed course

Bewdley Regatta 25th July 2015

800m downstream free start bouyed course

Llandaff Sprint Regatta 12th July 2015

500m downstream

Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 28th June 2015

500m downstream

GB National Masters Regatta 14th June 2015

1000m 6 Lane on still water

Bridgnorth Regatta 13th June 2015

500m downstream

Hereford Sprint Regatta 7th June 2015

500 metres downstream

Hereford City Regatta 2015 6th June 2015

1000 metres downstream

Monmouth Sprint Regatta 24th May 2015

750 metres downstream

Worcester Regatta 16th May 2015

1000 metres downstream


Evesham Sprint 3rd May 2015

500 metres upstream.

Evesham Regatta 2nd May 2015

1000 metres

Worcester Head 14th February 2015

4500 metres downstream

Cardiff Winter Head 1st February 2015

3200 metres downstream on the River Taff

Stourport Winter Head 25th January 2015

4000 metres downstream

Monmouth Winter Head 7th December 2014

2250 metres downstream

Bristol Autumn Head 16th November 2014

3300 metres on still water

Gloucester Autumn Head 26th October 2014

5000 metres on still water

Worcester Autumn Regatta 7th September 2013

500 metres upstream

Ross Regatta 26th August 2013

750 metres downstream

Gloucester Regatta 25th August 2013

750 metres on still water

Gloucester Masters & Juniors Regatta 24th August 2013

600 metres on still water

Stourport Sprint Regatta 11th August 2013

600 metres downstream

Bewdley Sprint Regatta 28th July 2013

600 metres downstream

Bewdley Regatta 27th July 2013

800 metres downstream

Llandaff Sprint Regatta 14th July 2013

500 meteres downstream

Llandaff Regatta 13th July 2013

1000 metres downstream

Monmouth Sprint 26th May 2013

750m downstream

Monmouth Regatta 25th May 2013

1500m downstream

Monmouth Christmas Head 9th December 2012

2250 metres Downstream

Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships 1st December 2012

Indoor Rowing

Bristol City Head 18th November 2012

3300m through the centre of the City of Bristol, passing the SS Gt Britain in the harbour.

Gloucester Head 4th November 2012


Ed Rees, 'Bob' Bouchier, James Ford and Tom Gilbert for IM2 4x- - won a medal for the fastest time of the day. The nearest crew was 37 seconds behind them!!!.

Monmouth Autumn Head 25th September 2012

2250 metres downstream

Penarth Festival of Rowing 18th September 2012

On the sea

Ross Regatta 27th August 2012

750 m downstream


August Ross Masters and Juniors Regatta 26th August 2012

750 m downstream


Stourport Sprint Regatta 12th August 2012

500m downstream

Ironbridge Regatta 23rd June 2012

1000m downstream

Holland Becker Amsterdam 09 & 10 June 9th June 2012

International Event

Monmouth Sprint 27th May 2012

750 meters downstream

Monmouth Regatta 26th May 2012

1500 meters downstream

Ball Cup 13th May 2012

750 meters

Stourport Winter Head of the River 29th January 2012

4000m downstream

Monmouth Christmas Head 11th December 2011

2250 m downstream

Veteran Fours Head 6th November 2011

6840 metres Mortlake to Putney on the ebb tide

Penarth Rowing Festival 18th September 2011

Rowed on the sea

Ross Regatta 29th August 2011

750m downstream

Ross Masters and Juniors 28th August 2011

750m downstream


Hereford Sprint Regatta 7th August 2011

500m downstream

Hereford City Regatta 2011 6th August 2011

1000m downstream

Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 26th June 2011

500m downstream

Ironbridge Regatta 25th June 2011

1000m downstream

British Masters Rowing Championships 12th June 2011

1000 metres

Monmouth Regatta 29th May 2011

1500 metres downstream

Monmouth Sprint 28th May 2011

700 metres downstream

Shrewsbury Regatta 14th May 2011

1000 metres upstream

Ball Cup 8th May 2011

750 metres

Evesham Sprint 1st May 2011

500 meteres upstream

Evesham Regatta 30th April 2011

1000 metres upstream

Gloucester Head 20th March 2011

3880 metres

Ross Regatta 30th August 2010

750metres downstream

Gloucester Regatta 28th August 2010

600metres downstream

Stourport Sprint Regatta 15th August 2010

600 metres downstream

For report and pics go to REGATTA REPORTS

Stourport Regatta 14th August 2010

1100 metres downstream

 For report and pics go to REGATTA REPORTS

Bewdley Regatta 24th July 2010

800m downstream

Llandaff Sprint Regatta 11th July 2010

500m downstream

Llandaff Regatta 10th July 2010

1000m downstream

Henley Veterans Regatta 9th July 2010

1000m upstream, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th July 2010

For report and pics go to REGATTA REPORTS

Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 27th June 2010

500 metres downstream

Ironbridge Regatta 26th June 2010

1000 metres downstream

British Rowing Masters Championship 13th June 2010

Holme Pierrepont

Monmouth Regatta 30th May 2010

1500m downstream

Monmouth Sprint Regatta 29th May 2010

700m downstream

Worcester Regatta 2010 22nd May 2010

Worcester Regatta - 750m upstream

Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta 2010 16th May 2010

Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta - 600m upstream

Shrewsbury Regatta 2010 15th May 2010

Shrewsbury Regatta - 1000m upstream

Monmouth Christmas Head 13th December 2009


Worcester Small Boats Head 4th October 2009

4500 metres downstream

Worcester Autumn Regatta 5th September 2009
500 m Upstream
Ross-on-Wye Regatta 31st August 2009
Gloucester Regatta 30th August 2009
1000 m dead water
Ross Veteran & Junior Regatta 30th August 2009
Stourport Sprint Regatta 16th August 2009
500 m Upstream
Stourport Regatta 15th August 2009
1100 m Downstream
Bewdley Regatta 25th July 2009
800 m Downstream
Llandaff Sprint Regatta 12th July 2009
500 m Downstream
Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 28th June 2009
500 m Downstream
Ironbridge Regatta 27th June 2009
1000 m Downstream
National Veteran Regatta 14th June 2009
1000 m at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham
Hereford City Regatta 25th May 2009
1 mile downstream and half mile downstream
Monmouth Regatta 24th May 2009
1500 m Downstream
Monmouth Sprint Regatta 23rd May 2009
1000 m Downstream
Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta 10th May 2009
650 m Upstream
Shrewsbury Regatta 9th May 2009
1000 m Upstream
Evesham Sprint Regatta 3rd May 2009
500 m Upstream
Evesham Regatta 2nd May 2009
1000 m Downstream
Gloucester Head 8th March 2009
Monmouth Winter Head 7th December 2008
Veteran Fours HORR 9th November 2008
4 1/4 miles Mortlake to Putney
Stourport Small Boats Head 9th November 2008
Ross Regatta 25th August 2008
Gloucester Regatta 24th August 2008
Oxford City Royal Regatta 16th August 2008
Stourport Regatta 9th August 2008
Bewdley Regatta 26th July 2008
Llandaff Regatta 12th July 2008
Ironbridge Regatta 28th June 2008
Hereford City Regatta 2008 26th May 2008
Monmouth Regatta 2008 24th May 2008
Shrewsbury Regatta 10th May 2008
Evesham Sprint 4th May 2008
Evesham Regatta 3rd May 2008
Worcester Head 23rd February 2008
Stourport Small Boats Head 11th November 2007
4,500 m Downstream River Severn
Veteran Fours HORR 4th November 2007
4 1/4 Miles Chiswick to Putney
Evesham Junior Head 6th October 2007
Ross on Wye Regatta 27th August 2007
Ross Veteran & Junior Regatta 26th August 2007
Gloucester Regatta 25th August 2007
Held at Ross on Wye
Oxford City Royal Sprint Regatta 19th August 2007
Oxford City Royal Regatta 18th August 2007
Stourport Regatta 11th August 2007
Llandaff Sprint 15th July 2007
Llandaff Regatta 14th July 2007
Henley Veteran Regatta 14th July 2007
1000 metres upstream
National Veteran Regatta 17th June 2007
1000 metres at Holme Pierrepont
Loughborough Regatta 17th June 2007
1000 metres at Holme Pierrepont
Hereford City Regatta 2007 28th May 2007
1000m downstream
Monmouth Sprint Regatta 27th May 2007
1000 m Downstream
Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta 13th May 2007
Shrewsbury Regatta 12th May 2007
Evesham Sprint Regatta 6th May 2007
Evesham Regatta 2007 5th May 2007
1000m upstream, excellent conditions
Wycliffe Small Boats Head 2nd December 2006
2500 metres on canal
Veteran Fours Head of the River 19th November 2006
4.25 Miles with the tide
Stourport Small Boats Head 12th November 2006
4500m Downstream
Worcester Autumn Head 8th October 2006
4500 metres downstream
Boston Marathon 17th September 2006
Worcester Autumn Regatta 9th September 2006
450 metres Upstream
Ross on Wye Regatta 28th August 2006
750 metres Downstream
Ross Veteran & Juniors Regatta 27th August 2006
750 metres Downstream
Gloucester Regatta 26th August 2006
750 metres Downstream held at Ross-on-Wye
Stourport Sprint Regatta 13th August 2006
450 metres Upstream
Stourport Regatta 12th August 2006
1100 metres Downstream
Bewdley Regatta 22nd July 2006
800 Metres Downstream
Bewdley Sprint Regatta 22nd July 2006
600 Metres Downstream
Llandaff Regatta 8th July 2006
1000 Metres Downstream River Taf
Henley Veteran Regatta 8th July 2006
1000 Metres Upstream
Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 24th June 2006
Loughborough Regatta 11th June 2006
National Veteran Championships 11th June 2006
Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta 14th May 2006
600 m Upstream River Severn
Shrewsbury Regatta 13th May 2006
1000 m Upstream River Severn
Evesham Sprint Regatta 30th April 2006
Evesham Regatta 29th April 2006
Nottingham City Regatta 23rd April 2006
1000 m National Watersports Centre, Nottingham
Gloucester Head 12th March 2006
4000m on the Sharpness Canal
Worcester Spring Head 25th February 2006
4 1/2 miles Downstream
Wycliffe Big Head 4th February 2006
Stourport Winter Head 29th January 2006
4,500 m downstream
Veteran's Fours HORR 13th November 2005
Worcester Autumn Head 9th October 2005
Ross Regatta 2005 29th August 2005
Ross Vets and Juniors Regatta 2005 28th August 2005
Stourport Sprint Regatta 2005 14th August 2005
Henley Town and Visitors Regatta 2005 30th July 2005
Llandaff Sprint Regatta 2005 10th July 2005
Llandaff Regatta 2005 9th July 2005
Henley Veteran Regatta 2005 8th July 2005
Ironbridge Sprint Regatta 2005 26th June 2005
Loughborough Regatta 2005 13th June 2005
National Veteran's Champs 12th June 2005
Hereford City Regatta 2005 30th May 2005
Monmouth Sprint Regatta 2005 28th May 2005
Evesham Regatta 2005 30th April 2005
Gloucester Spring Head 8th March 2005

4000 metres on still water

Wycliffe Big Head 2005 5th February 2005
Stourport Small Boats Head 2005 30th January 2005
GB Indoor Rowing Championships 21st November 2004
Ergometer Championships, NIA Birmingham

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