Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta 2010

Event Crew Position Qualifying Time
Masters D 4+ Rod Phillips, Keith Lawrence, Richard Bissell and Phil Hart, coxed by Sue Bissell 1 No -
Women's IM1 4+ Charlie Stewart, Kay Parker, Kath Meadowcroft, Annabel Bowkett, Coxed by Robin Morris 1 No -
Masters E 2- Mick Massam and Mark Beddoes 1 No -
Masters H 2x Ben Bentley-Leek, Hugh Davis 1 No -
J14 2x Charlie Phillips, Ed Rees 1 No -
IM3 1x Dan Hart 1 No -
J15 1x Stephen Griffiths 1 No -
J14 1x Ed Rees 1 No -

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