Monmouth Regatta

Event Crew Position Qualifying Time
IM2 2x James Ford and Bob Bouchier 1 Yes -
NOV 2x Ed Rees and James Mileson 1 Yes -
WJ18A 2x RosieSnell and Caitlin Bissel 1 No -
WJA17 1x Mathilda Hodgkin-Byrne 1 No -
WJA15 2x Eleanor Scott and Charlotte Hodgkin-Byrne 1 No -
MX IM3 8+ Caitlin Bissell, Rosie Snell, Simon Calverly, Thomas Griffiths, Mathilda Hodgkin-Byrne, Izzy Hancock, Stephen Griffiths, Ed Rees coxed by ? 1 No -

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