Rowing at Hereford Rowing Club

Rowing has taken place at Hereford since 1859. Over the years Hereford has developed its position in the UK, becoming one of the foremost provincial Rowing Clubs in the Country, with strong Senior and Junior Squads.

The River



Training and Racing takes place on the River Wye. The Wye is 130 miles in length . Rising at Plynlimon in the Cambrian Mountains, and joins the Severn Estuary at Chepstow. The Wye used to be a navigable river for commercial traffic to Hay on Wye, but now such use is non existent. The Wye is a natural river with no locks or wears. Consequently during the winter months, the river height can rise and fall several feet in a matter of hours depending on rainfall in Welsh mountains.

The clubhouse is situated downstream of a 2000 meter straight course that runs approximately west to east. Over the years there have been various lengths of regatta course held over this stretch of water.

The absence of commercial or leisure craft means that river traffic is mostly confined to Hereford Rowing Club and Hereford Kayak Club.

During the summer months training is generally confined to the 2000 meter course, however a further straight 500 meter course can be reached around the Belmont bend. This shorter stretch is used on the rare occasions when easterly winds make interval training on the straight too uncomfortable.

During the winter months, the higher water allows unlimited rowing upstream. The longest recorded upstream trip was a double scull to Hay on Wye & back in a day.

The club facilities and absence of other river users on the river, renders the club a popular training camp for other clubs and universities, whether as a winter training camp for distance work, or for regatta training on the straight 2K.

Rowing Facilities


The river is accessed from the club by a concrete steps with a boating access length adequate for at least 2 eights. The steps and removeable boxes allow comfortable boating regardless of river height.


There are currently four boathouses. In addition to the club craft, the boathouses are used to rack boats from the Hereford Cathedral School, Hereford Kayak Club, and privately owned single sculls and pairs. Currently an annual racking fee of £50 is charged for privately owned single sculls.

Eigfhts boayhouse

Eights boathouse


Fours boathouse

Fours boathouse


Sculling shed

Sculling shed

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